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Customer relationship management software is fast becoming a must-have in every office, and Chaos has several CRM solutions available, including Intellect, and Time and Chaos, with tools and functions available for companies of any size. Chaos offers an excellent feature set that allows users to efficiently take customer relationship management to the next level with email integration, calendar options, task lists, mobile access and built-in dialing capabilities. Although this is still a good CRM software choice, it lacks the depth we found in other applications regarding direct links to company websites, social networking pages and maps for traveling.

This contact management software has a very clean interface and provides users with clear navigation. There are several different screen options that will allow you to view a number of features from the application at a single time, which is a huge benefit to those who need to multitask. Also shown along the bottom of the application are all tasks you have set and appointments for the day. This comprehensive view is one of the unique ways that Chaos CRM software assists users in being more effective.

If you would like to view a single area at any given time, you can select the area from the menu running down the left-hand side of the page. Menu options in this CRM software include: Today, which provides a list of daily appointments and tasks; Calendar, which provides a calendar with appointments blocked out at scheduled times; Tasks, which lists tasks the user has entered; Contacts, where users can view all contacts and specific details on each; Mail, where they can check their integrated email account; and Projects, where users get to view all projects that have been entered into the CRM software system, including their status.

The Chaos website is not the most user-friendly among CRM software sites. This is because instead of a dropdown menu taking you to specific content and information, the Chaos Software website has a six-item menu and then all other content and information is retrieved by scrolling down the page.

The company suggests that you take advantage of its online knowledgebase before submitting a question to the support team about CRM software. The knowledgebase includes product help files and seven frequently asked questions. If the knowledgebase doesn’t address your particular need, you can contact the company. The Contact Us page provides a telephone number as well as an email form.

Chaos Software Summary:

Overall, we were pleased with the capabilities of Chaos CRM software, but it doesn't offer all of the features and information we found in the top customer relationship management software choice. The CRM software application has a clean interface and is easy to use and navigate. We recommend it as a small business CRM choice and believe users will be pleased with the efficient features and tools that allow them to access, organize and use information from one convenient location.

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Chaos Software

Chaos has customizable panels so you can view more information at once.

The CRM software lacks many of the features we found appealing in other applications, such as website links and workflow automation.

The Verdict:

Although it doesn’t provide you with all of the possible tools and features, it will still assist in making your business more efficient as well as strengthening customer relationships.